crwlr / crawler

The main package of this collection, providing kind of a framework and a lot of ready to use, so-called steps, that you can use to build your own web crawlers and scrapers with.

crwlr / url

The Swiss Army knife for urls. Parses urls to components (scheme, host, domain, path,...). You can access and modify url components, compare components of different urls and resolve relative to absolute urls. Also supports internationalized domain names.

crwlr / query-string

This library provides a very convenient API to create, access and manipulate query strings used in HTTP GET (as part of the URL) or POST (as part of the body) requests.

crwlr / robots-txt

Use this library within crawler and scraper programs to parse robots.txt files and check if your crawler user-agent is allowed to load certain paths.

crwlr / schema-org

This library finds structured data in JSON-LD format in HTML documents and converts them to PHP classes representing those objects.

crwlr / html-2-text

This very easy-to-use package, helps you to convert HTML to well formatted plain text.

Crawler Extension Packages

crwlr / crawler-ext-browser

This extension package for the crwlr/crawler library enables the utilization of a headless browser for advanced functionalities beyond loading pages and getting the HTML after rendering it.