Documentation for crwlr / url (v1.2)

Working with the Query String Component

Getting The Query as an Array

If you're after the query of a url you may want to get it as an array. Don't worry, nothing easier than that:

$url = Url::parse('');


array(2) {
  string(3) "baz"
  string(5) "value"

And the same method can be used to set the whole query string from an array:

$url = Url::parse('');
$url->queryArray(['param' => 'value', 'yo' => 'lo', 'crwlr' => 'url']);


string(55) ""

Advanced Query String API

If you're already on PHP 8 you can additionally install the crwlr / query-string package for a more advanced API to access and manipulate the query string.

composer require crwlr/query-string

After the package is installed the queryString() method returns an instance of the Query class from that package. You can find the docs for this class here. A quick example:

$url = Url::parse('[number]=3&page[size]=25');

    ->set('number', '4');


// string(68) ""