PHP Composer Packages for Crawler and Scraper Development is a collection of open source PHP composer packages that provide the necessary tools to build web crawlers and scrapers. The crawler package contains everything and helps you build crawlers as fast as possible. There are also sub-packages that you can use standalone.

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crwlr / crawler

The main package of this collection, providing kind of a framework and a lot of ready to use, so-called steps, that you can use to build your own web crawlers and scrapers with.

crwlr / url

The Swiss Army knife for urls. Parses urls to components (scheme, host, domain, path,...). You can access and modify url components, compare components of different urls and resolve relative to absolute urls. Also supports internationalized domain names.

crwlr / query-string

This library provides a very convenient API to create, access and manipulate query strings used in HTTP GET (as part of the URL) or POST (as part of the body) requests.

crwlr / robots-txt

Use this library within crawler and scraper programs to parse robots.txt files and check if your crawler user-agent is allowed to load certain paths.

crwlr / schema-org

This library finds structured data in JSON-LD format in HTML documents and converts them to PHP classes representing those objects.

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10 good Reasons to use the crwlr Library


I'm very proud to announce that version 1.0 of the crawler package is finally released. This article gives you an overview of why you should use this library for your web crawling and scraping jobs.

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What's new in crwlr / crawler v0.6?


Version 0.6 is probably the biggest update so far with a lot of new features and steps from crawling whole websites, over sitemaps to extracting metadata and structured data from HTML. Here is an overview of all the new stuff.

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What's new in crwlr / crawler v0.5?


We're already at v0.5 of the crawler package and this version comes with a lot of new features and improvements. Here's a quick overview of what's new.

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Dealing with HTTP (Url) Query Strings in PHP


There is a new package in town called query-string. It allows to create, access and manipulate query strings for HTTP requests in a very convenient way. Here's a quick overview of what you can do with it and also how it can be used via the url package.

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What's new in crwlr / crawler v0.4


Last friday version 0.4 of the crawler package was released with some pretty useful improvements. Read what's shipped with this new minor update.

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What's new in crwlr / crawler v0.2 and v0.3


There are already two new 0.x versions of the crawler package. Here a quick summary of what's new in versions 0.2 and 0.3.

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Release of crwlr / crawler v0.1.0


After months of hard work, today I'm finally releasing the first version (v0.1.0) of the crwlr / crawler package. Here some information on what it is, its state and current and future features.

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Prevent Homograph Attacks using the crwlr / url Package


Homograph attacks are using internationalized domain names (IDN) for malicious links including domains that look like trusted organizations. You can use the crwlr Url class to detect and monitor urls containing IDNs in your user's input.

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Why I start


This is just a short introduction to what is and will become in the future and why you may like it.

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